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In this section of the website we're sharing resources to help you on your journey to be a great boss.

  • Free downloads - Just for you we created two documents that can be downloaded for free. The first is the introductory chapter to our book, and the second is the results of a survey we conducted on bad bosses. We think you'll enjoy and learn from them both!

  • Links to podcasts and articles - We've had a blast being on podcasts and contributing to articles to discuss and share the key messages and tips from our book. We thought we'd share them with you as they each have something interesting that you could find interesting and helpful. Enjoy!

Free Downloads

Introduction to Book

To give you insights into the topics covered in our book Bad Bosses Ruin Lives: The Building Blocks for Being a Great Boss, we’re sharing the Introduction chapter which covers:

  • Why we have bad bosses

  • Myths and misconceptions about bad bosses

  • The changing role of a boss

  • The impact and shadow you cast

  • Final challenges

Book cover paperback mockup.jpeg

Bad Boss Survey Report

Get an exclusive look into the Bad Boss surveys conducted for our book, giving you insights into:

  • The most common types of bad bosses from two perspectives – on bosses you've had, and on you as a boss. 

  • The disconnect between how and what employees and bosses identify in bad bosses traits. 

  • Statistics to highlight the current “bad boss” landscape. 

Bad Boss Survey cover for website.jpeg

Podcasts & Articles

With Ollie Henderson we delve into the evolving complexities of workplace dynamics, giving a blueprint for how we can improve as leaders.

With Henry Lopez, Debra discusses how bad bosses ruin lives and great bosses enrich lives to lead the growth of a small business, 

Purple Sky Thinking Podcast

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this of podcast we explore the key themes of our book with Anwen Bottois.

The 4 A's of Being a Great Boss

The 10 Types of Bad Bosses

How to Avoid Being a Bad Boss

Why managers need to embrace their bad boss traits, not run from them

The 3 Most Common Types of Bad Bosses

Helping Your Bosses Build Their Six Pack

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