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The majority of bosses do not wake up in the morning and say to themselves, “Today is a great day to ruin my people’s lives.” And yet time after time, person after person, that is exactly what is happening, with well-intentioned bosses getting it wrong. In fact, according to our recent surveys, 99.6% of people have had a bad boss, and 80% have admitted to being a bad boss.​

We're on a mission to change this! We want to help bosses understand what their bad boss traits are (since we all have them), and then take actions to enrich people's lives through our Great Boss Building Block Model™. 


For you can only be a great boss and ENRICH lives if you don’t let your own bad boss traits RUIN their lives! 

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Our monthly newsletter was created for bosses who want to learn, want to grow and want to be great! 


We share stories, tips and tools to help you better understand and deal with challenges that you face in being a boss. They're practical, relatable and actionable, something that we believe will ensure that it’s a newsletter that can make a difference - to you, to your people and to your business. 

How we can help

our services

Need someone to inspire your audience and equip them with the tools to be great (or train your bosses to be great? We speak at events, conduct workshops and consult for companies around the world doing just this, sharing our unique and effective tips, stories and model. 

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assessment tool

Want to understand your boss traits (good, bad and great)? Our free and confidential tool will assess these for you, providing you with development areas to focus on using our Great Boss Building Block Model™.  

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our book

Want to be a great boss? Our book will help you understand the meaning and impact of 10 types of bad bosses to drive your awareness. It will also provide you with tools to enrich and not ruin lives through The Great Boss Building Block Model™.  

Who we are

We teamed up to write Bad Bosses Ruin Lives, and to bring our mission of helping all bosses be great to life through the work that we do. With over 35 years of experience between us, we bring different but connected views based on the roles we've had, companies we've worked at, and the bosses we've had and have been. Here's a little about each of us. . .

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